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Monday, July 03, 2006

The Universe

Number 21, closing the Major Arcana. End of this road.

The snake of the early pages has become the World Serpent, Midgard-esque, circling through the whole solar system. The dream-bubbles are recalled by the planets and moons that hover all around, and the Sun, bigger than our imagined yellow ball on #19, takes up the very top of the card in a huge arc of orange. The serpent's head is crowned with stone formations, as if the earth itself grows out of it, and it is either breathing fire or inhaling it.

It is unsettling and vast, and gives a feeling that whatever we are part of, it is far more vast than we can comprehend. Although we've made it through the previous cards, this serves to remind us that we've only made one step. To make the next, we'll have to become the Fool again and be willing to see everything with new eyes...without losing what we already learned.


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