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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Why am I here?

Here, as in online--not here, as in on this planet.

This blog is not known (yet). As a result, I feel more able to be expressive in my spiritual writings than I do in my personal journal. I do not have an audience of friends. Yet I am also not talking to my shadowbox, or writing in a locked diary. These thoughts are available to others, even if noone knows to look for them.

I'm not shouting into the void, or acting out for my friends; I'm singing to myself, hoping that over time I get better at it. I am attempting to write out my thoughts on my paganism without the pressure of producing it for people who know the rest of me, and also without the luxury of privacy.

I want to be more consistent in my beliefs; more aware of my strengths and weaknesses, more in tune with my rhythms and systems and practices. I also want to end up creating a liturgy, as I explore some of the existing systems--the Tarot deck, the wheel of the year, and so on.

Part liturgy, part homily, part exploration.


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