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A weaver of threads.

Friday, June 30, 2006

Moving into the sky

The Tower crashes everything down. The Star is the clearing away of the debris. Cleansing, though not in a "hide it all" or even "get rid of it" sense. Wash it till it's clean. The Star is sad, and withdrawn, but also the first sign of hope.

The Moon is more than hope but not as unequivocally good as hope is. The Moon is possibilities bigger than any previously dreamed. The water glows with color, and two planets hang in the sky, and the little dream-spheres that litter the Minor Arcana bubble up here in huge numbers. Those dreams where the planets were huge, covering half the sky? This is it. This is going on after you've fallen and mourned and cleansed--it's the Big Sky that dreams lead to, and it's the midnight vigil.


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