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Saturday, July 01, 2006

The Sun

This card is a riot of color. It seems to be the Summer Country, the Promised Land, the home of joy. A huge rose, possibly a peony, fills the foreground and a great yellow sun hangs in the sky. Dawn is here and we are growing again. It isn't a return to the start but an achievement of the imagined goal. The rose is fleshy and full, and sometimes makes me think of cabbages instead of flowers. It's almost indecent...it's as round as a breast or an ass, and lobed and ruffled like labia. It's a ball of sensuality. The sun lights everything--there are bright colors on the earth, sharp shadows, and highlights.

What fascinates me about the Sun today is that it seems to be the end of the journey, but I know there are two cards left...


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