Textual Arachne

A weaver of threads.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


The fuzziest card in terms of images, even if the Chariot and the Empress were more confusing. He walks away from a shape that I am interpreting as a city. Faces throughout the rock and the sand--owls with part-human eyes, predatory birds that seem to grow out of the stone. He didn't come out here to judge the city. He came out here seeking.

Hence the shepherd's crook and the lantern; also, the eyes turned upward not down in world-weary sadness. The Hermit might be old but he is not weary. Would a weary man, an exhausted man, who carries the knowledge of the world and has seen all there is to see--would he pick up and go out into the wilderness, seeking that great white light? Not to escape the city, but to see what is normally obscured by it. The stars. The light. The wild things in the rocks.


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