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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Devil

I've studied this card out of context, and it's seemed to mean the Voice of our Adversary. Whether that's the external hating oppressive force or the internal self-loathing that takes over and would corrupt and destroy every aim, that's how the Devil has manifested.

I have placed less focus on the standard notion of enslavement by material things, material desires. It seems to be less spoken to by the card's image. However, there is a link between the idea of the "loose chains" and the voluntary enslavement and this card's idea of wrongness. The three-eyed (ram? goat) is either stupidly cruel or happily unaware of the third eye that has been placed upon it in a jeweled pile. The snake is malevolent and all-too-human in its eye, but the snake has been on many cards before and hasn't had a malicious reading.

Death, then Alchemy; then the Devil and the Tower. Why does Alchemy sit in that string of darkness, enslavement, eruption, and misfortune? Is it more negative than it seems? Is it not just a reaction but a catalyst?


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