Textual Arachne

A weaver of threads.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Theoretically, this is one of the easy ones. Strength, right? Simple meaning. Name of card equals meaning of card.

She's not controlling the snake, barely even grasping it. She is indistinct compared to its bright green and red. The sky is dark with a crescent moon, but the sky reflected in the pool at her feet is light blue, even silvery.

It is not the vivid, immediate thing of the world (the snake) that has the greater strength. It is the indistinct, faint force guiding it, leading it. How does she lead this? I shifted my legs into the same position as in the card and discovered two things: It's uncomfortable, and it demands movement. It's not a pose of repose, a rest by the riverside while she toys with this three-yard-long reptile.

It's a moment in a dance. Strength is not forcing through the difficulties or bludgeoning themt, nor is it stubbornness. Strength is dancing with them.


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