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Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Yesterday morning it snowed for a little while--the first snow of the season. "What if," said my professor, staring out the basement window, "we said a blessing for the first snow? We say blessings for food, for waking, for the first fruits of a season...What would be different about our lives if we said a blessing for the first snow?"

What if?

Blessed are You, Lady of white cold, who takes down our autumn colors and brings us to the year's sleep.
Blessed are You, Lady of the hearth, who lights the fires and calls us to warmth and welcome.
May Your first snow circle Your hearth, heralding the season to come.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Puzzling with trinities again

A companion to my earlier post on three aspects of the Divine.

When She is revealed in all things, she is consolation and comfort. She is the awareness of eternity and continuance, the recognition of no-self or relational-self. She is consolation to the bereaved and comfort to the ill. She is unconditional and eternal.

When She is revealed in individual people, she is challenge. She commands that we care for *this* person; respond to *this* harm; struggle with *this* injustice. The relentless specificity of each person's needs and life. She is judgment when we turn a blind eye to pain, and She is the thrill of desire and love.

When She is revealed in deities, spirits, and powers, she is more and less than these.