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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Study and spring

In parallel to the post I made on the day of the first snow, this Full Moon post is about the first spring weekend. Friday, Saturday, and today have been brilliant warm days up here. I spent a surprising amount of them inside, with a brief exception of a few hours yesterday afternoon at a barbeque. Yet I don't feel that I've wasted the time, even as I know we're headed for a chillier week and this sundress I'm wearing now is going to have to wait a little while longer. Because I didn't spend the weekend inside lounging or being depressed (both have been options in the past). Instead I spent it working hard for the final weeks of the semester, and I feel more prepared and more centered than I have in weeks as a result.

Blessed are you, Lady of new green growing,
of the days of sunlight before the leaves unfurl,
of the crocus, the hyacinth, the oak's red flowers.

Blessed are you, Lady of craft,
of grey-eyed scholarship and the slippery word,
of sore wrists, hot tea, red editing pens.

May Your voices be counterpoints in a fugue of spring.


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