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Thursday, April 19, 2007


Today in class, we talked about Virginia Tech.

My head was full and reeling afterwards; the questions that I expect are going around in many other minds were making the same circuit in mine. Why, why them, how did he, how could he, how could You, what now, what policy, what ethic, what act, what change will fix it, what will keep it from ever happening again, what's it mean, what do I do, why don't I feel more, why do I feel so much, what do we do, what can anybody do...

Then I stopped and pulled me out of it. This is not, should not be, about me and my sorrow or fear or anger or hate.

Lady, bring them back to You. As we come from you in birth, we return in death; bring them home and lay them to rest, all of them, and walk with them wherever they may go. May your peace be with all those who have lost and who mourn.


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